Written by Ramon Gebben

Workshopper (GitHub: workshopper/workshopper, License: MIT, npm: workshopper)

Workshopper is a terminal workshop runner framework. It gives you the tools to create workshops and exercises which can be run from any terminal. Which is a great thing if you are teaching people how are still scared of the terminal. This way they will practice their programming skills and develop a sense of comfort on the command line.

Workshopper is being used by code schools like “Learn You Node“ and I came across a Hapi.js exercise as well, which made me think why not have an interactive introduction to your framework.

The framework is essentially a test-runner with a very fancy terminal UI. The workshopper package is largely concerned with the menu system and some basic command-line parsing but much of the work for executing the exercise validation is handled by workshopper-exercise.

I really like this project because it’s a nice and quick way to really get into how something works. For instance this workshop on functional Javascript.

If you did not submit you solution to this weeks challenge, creating Tic Tac Toe, I’d advice you to get a move on it because there is only day remaining. If you need to refresh you memory on the challenge head over to the challenge page.