Weekly Challenge - Tic tac toe

15. January 2016

First of all here is a link to last weeks results sadly the challenge was a bit to hard, so I heard in some direct feedback. So I will switch it up this week. No more fractals this time. This weeks challenge is create a Tic Tac Toe game using Javascript.

You can go two ways for this implementation.

The first one would be very naive. Simply switch between 2 users, the first user would be X the other would be O. The program should be able to detect when one of the players has won or if it is a tie.

If you are feeling very confident implement AI for player O. Same rules would apply. Be mindful in your implementation because next week there will come some additional requirements.

Again I’ve created a Codepen for you to start with. Please submit your solution to this Google Form and happy coding.