Written by Ramon Gebben

Shem (GitHub: xixixao/Shem, License: MIT)


Shem is a new “compiled-to-JS”, functional programming language which is statically typed. The semantics are based on Haskell but the language evaluates strictly in a similar way to PureScript. The syntax is S-expressions-based. This for allowing for a LISP-like macro system. Shem’s prelude includes a full-featured, highly-polymorphic collections library backed by ImmutableJS.

It comes with an amazing IDE called “Golem“. This IDE was designed with the language to make the integration seamlessly. The IDE is available at to work with in the browser. There are plan’s to make it also accessible as a local IDE for developing applications native platform such as desktop.

There is a video available of what I believe is one of the first presentations check it out to see Shem and Golem in action

When this language interests you, you can go over to IDE and follow a small tutorial to give you a quick overview of how the language works. If you are familiar with languages such as LISP and Haskell you will feel right at home.

The owner of the project Michal Srb also want you to know the following:

I am providing code in this repository to you under an open source license. Because this is my personal repository, the license you receive to my code is from me and not from my employer (Facebook).