Written by Ramon Gebben

Nodal (GitHub: keithwhor/nodal, License: MIT, npm: nodal)

Nodal is a web server and API framework for Node.js. It is built upon an ideology of a robust, scalable microservice architecture. It borrows a lot from Rails and Django so working with the framework made me feel right at home since I used to do a lot of Rails. With familiar commands such as: nodal db:migrate, nodal g:controller et cetra.

One of the features that really blew me away was how a scaffold CRUD handles query parameters. It uses the .where(this.params.query) where the query params will be applied as a filter. Which uses a very similar syntax as the filter methods in Django’s ORM.

The framework is configured to use Postgresql as a database, which is a great idea in my opinion. Especially since the framework tries to aim at developer who want a little more guidance in their development process to get familiar with Node.js and the Javascript eco system in general.

The developer posted a screencast of him setting up a very simple twitter clone which I recommend you watch.

And there will be more screencast’s in the future. This will definitely be part of the next API I’m gonna build.

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