Written by Ramon Gebben

Mantra (GitHub: kadirahq/mantra, License: MIT)

Mantra is an application architecture for Meteor. If you are not familair with Meteor I would strongly advice you take a look at it. The developers of Mantra try to achieve two main goals: High Maintainability and Future Proof.

Maintainability is a key factor for success when working within large teams. Mantra achieves this by unit testing every part of the app, while following standards for everything. This makes it easy to add new users and work with teams.

There is a very extensive spec of how a Mantra application would work which can be found here. I really like this approach, ‘cause it combines the best parts of all the new and shiny stuff out there.

Today is the last day you can submit your solution for the weekly challenge. Next weeks challenge will be up tomorrow so make sure you check back then to see what I have in store for you next.