Weekly Challenge - WebSocket Challenge part two

Written by Ramon Gebben

This week I only got one submission and sadly that did not past the test. This probably has nothing to do with the code but with the way I tried to run the project. So I’d like to ask you to include a small readme when submitting a repository. Check out the efforts Pablo Osso did this week trying to make the tests pass on the Results page.

For the second part of this challenge series we are going to implement the basic UI to go with the server which we created in the last challenge. If you did not complete last weeks challenge you can find the unit test in this repo but you will have some catching up to do. The User interface should include all the test scenario’s. This means that you need to build page on which a user can:

  • Pick a username
  • See when a new user has joined
  • Send messages to the whole group
  • Send private messages between another user

After getting some feedback on the challenges I will use a point system to rank the results. I do not think it is my place to criticize anybody on their ability to code, that is why you can earn points by completing curtain aspects of the challenge. For this challenge it will be features working. Each of the features completed and running on Heroku is worth one point. When you want to earn more points you could add more features such as:

  • List the online users
  • Avatars
  • Channels instead of one big group
  • Private groups within a channel
  • Implementing magic links
    • Youtube embed video
    • Images
    • Website description

Once again completed challenges can be submitted to this Google Form. When you submit before Friday next week your implementation will be featured in the weekly results which will be called Hall of Hero’s from now on.

Tip: You don’t have to make the user interface for the web. You can make it run in terminal for instance.