Written by Ramon Gebben

Vorpal (GitHub: dthree/vorpal, License: MIT, npm: vorpal)

Vorpal is a framework for building interactive CLI applications. Inspired and based on commander.js which is a port from the wonderful work done on this Ruby Gem. It provides you with an interactive prompt provided by inquirer and also provides a very extensive API with features such as: piped commands, command history, built-in help menu, tab autocompletion and the list goes on.

For full documentation of the API you should take a look at the Wiki.

Getting started with Vorpal.

import vorpal from 'vorpal'

const program = vorpal();

  .command('foo', 'Outputs "bar"')
  .action((args, callback) => {

  .delimiter('app $')

This creates an instance of Vorpal, adds a command which logs “bar”, sets the prompt delimiter to say “app $”, and shows the prompt.