Written by Ramon Gebben

Usually I only mention stuff that is on Github, but I came across a tool which makes my personal development process a lot better. Sadly it’s not open source or at least not that I can tell. For now it’s still free, but eventually it will have a pricing. Do not think this is sponsored content, it is not.

So now you are probably curious what it’s all about. The tools is called Siphon and what it does is make you not use Xcode for developing and deployment of React Native apps.

The sandbox environment lets you create and test React Native apps without installing Xcode or Android Studio, which really amazed me. This would mean that you do not need to be on an Apple system to develop for iOS and Android, but if you prefer working on Slackware for instance, you can. There is no Windows support yet. If you were wondering, but the team is working on this.

Because the project is still in alpha it is missing support for a lot of things, such as the entire Android platform, but they will be rolling out plenty more features over coming weeks.

On the Siphon website are some wonderful tutorials on how to use their cli and sandbox. If I peaked your interest take a look at the Getting Started guide.