React Storybook

Written by Ramon Gebben

React Storybook (GitHub: kadirahq/react-storybook, License: MIT, npm: @kadira/storybook)

After having worked on several React projects, I started noticing that in reality it’s still hard to keep your components completely contained. So when, few days ago, I came across “Introducing React Storybook” I was really intrigued by this approach to developing your components.


With React Storybook, you can develop and design UI components outside your app in an isolated environment. Once you’ve installed it using:

npm i @kadira/storybook

You will need to add a storybook run script in your package.json like so:

  "scripts": {
    "storybook": "start-storybook -p 9001"

Now you can start writing stories. There are some guidelines on how to write stories which also enforce a clean way of working in general. For a component like this:

import React from 'react';

function MyAwesomeButton(props){
  return (<button onClick={props.onClick}>{props.title}</button>);

Would look something like this:

import React from 'react';
import MyAwesomeButton from '../path/to/MyAwesomeButton';
import { storiesOf, action } from '@kadira/storybook';

storiesOf('Button', module)
  .add('with a text', () => (
    <MyAwesomeButton onClick={action('clicked')} title="My Awesome Button" />
  .add('with no text', () => (
    <MyAwesomeButton />