React Native SMS Listener

Written by Ramon Gebben

SmsListener (GitHub: CentaurWarchief/react-native-android-sms-listener, License: MIT, npm: react-native-android-sms-listener)

When you are building an app which requires some form of account validation like Whats App and Telegram using React Native. There is gonna be a moment that you want to verify on bases of a text message. CentaurWarchief has created a module so you don’t need to worry about listening for incoming texts.

If works pretty straight forward, you attach an event listener and respond to incoming events like so:

import SmsListener from 'react-native-android-sms-listener'

const mySubScription = SmsListener.addListener(myMessageHandler);

function myMessageHandler(message){

This should not be unfamiliar. In contrast with the event listener API which get’s provided by the DOM, removing event listener works differently.


This is an example provided by the developer which demonstrates how to do authorization in the same manner as Whats App or Telegram do it:

let subscription = SmsListener.addListener(message => {
  let verificationCodeRegex = /Your verification code: ([\d]{6})/;

  if (verificationCodeRegex.test(message.body)) {
    let verificationCode = message.body.match(verificationCodeRegex)[1];

    ).then(verifiedSuccessfully => {
      if (verifiedSuccessfully) {

      if (__DEV__) {
          'Failed to verify phone `%s` using code `%s`',

Sadly it only has support for Android at this point, hopefully somebody will implement the same for iOS. For more API reference check the README and don’t forget to challenge yourself trying to duplicate the randomization algorithm used by Tetris