Written by Ramon Gebben

MarsDB (GitHub: c58/marsdb, License: MIT, npm: mardb)

MarsDB is a very lightweight client-side database. It is inspired by a Meteor’s minimongo matching/modifying implementation. The library has a Promise based interface and can be backed with any storage implementation such as:

Besides all of this MarsDB supports observable cursors which is very nice addition to the toolbelt. The database supports any kind of find/update/remove operations that Meteor’s minimongo would also support. When you need a reference on how theses queries work go to the Meteor docs for supported query/modifier operations.

Let’s first create a collection of posts.

import Collection from 'marsdb';
import LocalStorageManager from 'marsdb-localstorage';

// Setup different id generator and storage managers
// Default storage is in-memory
Collection.defaultIdGenerator(() => {
  return {
    value: Math.random(),
    seed: 0,

const posts = new Collection('posts');

Now we can populate it with some data:

// To insert one
posts.insert({text: 'MarsDB is awesome'}).then(docId => {
  // Invoked after persisting document

// To insert a bulk
  {text: 'MarsDB'},
  {text: 'is'},
  {text: 'awesome'}
).then(docsIds => {
    console.log('--->>', docsIds);

And we can retrieve one of the saved item like so:

posts.find({text: 'MarsDB'})
  .then(docs => {
      console.log('-->>', docs);

For more in depth examples and documentation check the README file.

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