Javascript by Example

Written by Ramon Gebben

Javascript by Example (GitHub: bmkmanoj/js-by-examples, License: MIT)

Manoj Kumar sent in Javascript by Example which is a GitHub repo which explains “nitty gritties” of Javascript by showing code snippets with some description.

Currently there is no particular order in how you should read it. Some of the concepts already explained are: closures, operators, bind, call, apply, function scope, hoisting and many more.

One of the first things the authors want to make clear is that this is not a replacement for conventional learning by books, blogs and countless experimentations, but rather an additional resource to the existing set of learning paths.

This project started as a bit of in house documentation of curtain “lesser known” concepts in Javascript. After realizing the rest of the community could benefit from this as well, it was put on Github.

For more information and a short brief on how you can contribute to this project checkout the README.

Don’t forget to submit this weeks challenge: “Tetris Bag” where you need to implement the same randomization algorithm as used in the popular nineties game Tetris.