Written by Ramon Gebben

isomorphine (GitHub: d-oliveros/isomorphine, License: MIT, npm: isomorphine)

Earlier this week I came across a post by Marco Romero. It was a highlight of isomorphine, which is a Webpack loader that lets you require and use server-side entities from the browser, as if you were in the server. The browser accesses a proxy of the server’s methods that are being required. The proxy is a mirror of the server-side entity and creates an HTTP request to Isomorphine’s endpoint within the server.

Marco describes it as “A Painkiller for Isomorphic Data Fetching”. With which I totally agree. When developing Isomorphic/Universal apps data retrieval can be a real hassle and this little marble will take way a lot of that pain.

Of course there are established libraries and techniques for solving this issue such as: Relay and React-Transmit. The downside of these approaches is that you are doing a commitment to a framework which could collide with your business philosophy or you just do not like React. Don’t get me wrong I love React, but I can understand if some developer do not or need something more agnostic and now you can.

I could go into the details of how you would use it but I doubt that it will be more complete than the great post Marco did. So I won’t and instead refer you to the post on medium and for more extensive documentation check the README.