ES6 Quiz

Written by Ramon Gebben

Today I will not be checking any new library. It is time to invest in some more in depth knowledge of how ES6/ES2015/ESnext works. This week I was checking my reddit feed looking for something awesome to show you all, when I stumbled across this quiz from Perfect Skills.

I shared this quiz at my job and noticed that a lot of people were “familiar” with ES6. However nobody got a perfect score, Ok, the quiz is actually really hard, but still as frontend/javascript developer we should know the language we are working with or going to work with in the very near future. That is the reason why I would recommend everybody taking this quiz, because it will enlighten you on how much you do not know or fully understand about the new standard in Javascript.

The answers and explanation can be found here, but I recommend that you do not look at them before taking the test.

I will be redoing this website over the weekend so I might not be able to provide you with a new post on Monday. The reason why I need to redo it, is because the static site generator I’m using to supply you with new posts each day broke on me this week. I spend several hours debugging without any luck so I will be switching to Wintersmith with which I only had good experiences so hopefully I do not need to redo it any time soon. I will also be looking into including a comment section so I can here more back from you guys.

Thanks for all your loyal support and have a nice weekend.