Written by Ramon Gebben

Enzyme (GitHub: airbnb/enzyme, License: MIT, npm: enzyme)

As we all know testing code is crucial part of our job. It helps us to write and maintain a complex code base. Sadly the state of front-end testing has not being so good. But it is starting to look up.

About three months ago, Airbnb open sourced Enzyme, which is a testing utility for React. The goal of this utility is to make it easier to assert, manipulate, and traverse your React Components’ output.

This utility does not only work for React in the browser but also for React Native. Because the native components are hard to mock, the developer took the time to mock all the native components.

Leland Richardson has published a Medium post called “Enzyme: JavaScript Testing utilities for React” explaining how to get on your way testing your React application.

Leland preformed a lighting talk at React conf last week about Enzyme.