Written by Ramon Gebben

dotconf (GitHub: yoannmoinet/dotconf, License: MIT, npm: dotconf)


Are you also tired of all the .something config files for all the tooling we need which is cluttering up your tree? Well Yoann Moinet made a solution for this problem, dotconf.

What is does is bundle all your existing .something files and directories into one .conf. Yoann uses the term “One config to rule them all”. Since I’m a big Lord of the Rings fan, this slogan catch my attention. After trying it our in some projects I really enjoyed how it cleans up all the config files in my tree view.

The CLI is very easy, use -a to ‘archive’ all the .something files and -e to extract them again. Besides that it comes with a bunch more options to specify that way it should behave such as: destination, pattern, safe mode and what to ignore.