Written by Ramon Gebben

I would like to start out with saying that this is not sponsored content. When I came across this I was so amazed that needed to share it with you all.

Normally when you develop apps, you use an IDE. When targeting iOS you use xCode and when Android is your platform you are most likely using Android Studio. This becomes a real problem when switching context, between platform and technologies. Especially when you are building a React Native app. Deco is a solution for that. Not only is it the first IDE to come out tailored to React Native, but it also come with a registry off React Native components. These components are standardized and work very nicely together with Deco.

This is a video by one of the developer demonstrating some of the features included in the IDE by building an Uber clone in less than 5 minutes.

Sadly there is still a waitlist for the beta, I myself am still waiting to get access to it. Go to the website for more information and sign up for beta access.

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