Written by Ramon Gebben

Cash (GitHub: dthree/cash, License: MIT, npm: cash)

Cash is a project to implement most used Unix-based commands in pure Javascript and with no external dependencies. The reason for this is to make them available cross platform. So if you find yourself stuck on using Windows because your business used it, you can just npm i cash -g; cash and be back in Unix land.

The developer’s goal is to expose to the Javascript community to these commands, and to provide a cleaner, simpler and flexible alternative to applications like Cygwin for those wanting the Linux feel on Windows.

While writing this the project supports the following commands:

  • alias
  • cat
  • cd
  • cp
  • echo
  • grep
  • kill
  • less
  • ls
  • mkdir
  • mv
  • pwd
  • rm
  • sort
  • touch
  • unalias

For additional commands the developer has decided to let the community decide. You can vote on new commands in the Road map.

For more information on check out the Github Project where the developer has also posted a wiki.

Don’t forget to submit you solution for the Websocket Challenge - part two, since there are only two days left before submission closes.