Written by Ramon Gebben

ally.js (GitHub: medialize/ally.js, License: MIT, npm: ally.js)

Ever had the problem of having to accommodate for instance blind people on your website? With the web app’s of nowadays accessibility sometimes goes to waste by not having the need for “semantic” HTML and just putting everything inside div‘s. Don’t get me wrong, I ofter find myself using a div to make buttons for instance. But for the blind users of the web this can be a serious problem, because their assistance software and the browser do not have the correct content they use all accessibility to your website.

ally.js is a library simplifying certain accessibility features, functions and behaviors. Its goal is to help web applications with accessibility concerns provide every user with a good experience.

It has an amazingly extensive API to solve most accessibility problems, way to much to even begin to describe so I will direct you to their website where everything is explained into more detail than I could do in a day.